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The Met was originally built in 1892 by George William Grant, who was the principal architect for many of the buildings in early New Westminster. Owned by William Henry Burr, the Burr Block was one of only two to survive “The Great Fire” of 1898 that destroyed nine-tenths of downtown New Westminster. Firemen were finally able to stop this raging inferno, with the aid of fire pumps on a river boat, just short of the Burr block. The City of New Westminster had the challenge of re-building its city after this heart-breaking disaster, and successfully achieved this by 1910. From those times until today, Columbia Street has been known as “The Golden Mile” due to its colorful and inspiring historical background.

Taking cue from its rich heritage, the Met Bar & Grill is a traditional neighbourhood pub, with friendly staff, cozy and warm interiors, fantastic garden patio and great craft beer selection.  It is a welcoming place where locals  feel at home, and out-of-town guests are surprised to discover.

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